New Car Protection

From: £300.00


You may have been offered New Car Protection package during purchasing, however, the products are often hastily applied by untrained valeters; resulting in the products failing before the manufacturers protections cover period.

New cars can sit at a dock or in a storage yard for months in unsatisfactory surroundings . Sadly new cars are also victim of poor washes, causing wash marring, bird etching, tree sap and polishing holograms. The reason; most dealerships work to a tight budget – both financially and time-wise; therefore paint condition is overlooked for profit. 

Professional Product

Here at Diamond Detail and Valeting, we use professional products. These enhance the finish of your car from day one. Like all of our other intense services, our New car protection is started by fully safe washing the car. During the safe wash stage, the car is chemically decontaminated to remove tar spots and iron fallout. Finally, a clay bar is used to remove any remaining particles. The car is then dried with a plush microfibre drying towel and warm filtered air. After the safe wash, we will remove any previous damage caused by the dealerships by treating your car to a light single stage polish before putting the protection of your choice on the paintwork, glass and wheels.

Your car’s interior is looking great, mark free and you would love to keep it that way. We will protect the interior of your new car with Gtechniq I1 on the fabric seats, this will stop any spills from seeping into the material, causing unsightly stains. Gtechniq L1 on any leather which will protect it from dye transfer from jeans, oils from skin and damage from UV light. After a final inspection, your new car is now ready for handover and is prepared to the highest level with long-term protection on it. The only way a new car should be presented.

New Car Protection requires 2 days for completion.
Estimated Price
Small: £300
Medium: £350
Large: £400