Diamond Valet



Our Diamond Valet is the most in depth valet before paint enhancement or correction. It gives equal attention to the paintwork, interior and engine bay. The Diamond Valet service is perfect if you are looking to sell your car or end of lease, just purchased a second hand car or if you want your car to be the best it can for a MOT.

Wheels and Arches Cleansing
  • All wheels sprayed with dedicated wheel cleaner
  • Wheels agitated with a several different types of wheel brushes, to safely remove brake dust without scratching the wheel
  • Wheel arches sprayed with an all purpose cleaner and left to break down dirt build up
  • Thorough rinse using a pressure washer
Paintwork Cleansing
  • Pre wash sprayed into door and boot shuts, as well as hard to reach areas
  • Whole body sprayed generously with Pre wash to break down the build up of road dust and dirt
  • Pre wash power washed off
  • Safe washed using a two bucket method, pH neutral shampoo and high quality mitts
  • Hand dried using a premium soft microfiber drying towel
Decontamination and Protection
  • Tar spots safely removed by tar remover and a clean microfiber cloth
  • Industrial fallout and baked on brake dust safely removed
  • Exterior plastic trims dressed and protected
  • Hand polish applied to restore the paintwork, as well as enhance the shine
  • Gtechniq ceramic sealant applied to the paintwork to give up to 6months protection
  • Tyres dressed
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Exterior glass cleared of dust, watermarks and hard to remove bugs, while leaving a hydrophobic layer
  • Interior glass cleaned of dust and finger prints
  • Rubbish removed
  • Interior carpets, seats and mats thoroughly vacuumed (boot if empty)
  • Interior carpets, seats and floor mats fully shampooed using a specialist interior shampoo
  • Leather cleaned using specialist leather cleaner
  • Boot shampooed if empty
  • Dashboard and plastics washed with a delicate interior cleaner
  • Air freshener added which leaves the car smelling as good as it looks
Engine Bay
  • Remove any loose debris such as leaves, twigs and dirt
  • Spray dedicated degreaser generously over the whole engine and under the bonnet
  • Agitate with soft detailing brush
  • Rinse off
  • Blow dry water out of water traps
  • Dress engine plastics
Add Ons

Estimated Price
Small: £150
Medium: £160
Large: £170