Engine Bay Detail and Protect

From: £50.00


When you think of a lovely shiny car that has just been enhanced, the last thing you think of is the engine. However, having a clean engine bay doesn’t just finish off the detail. It is also important to spot any potential oil leaks before they get serious. This service is perfect for, well, anyone. Are you looking to sell your vehicle and want to get the highest value? Are you a car enthusiast wanting to show off what is under your cars bonnet?

Firstly the full engine bay is thoroughly degreased and agitated with a soft detailing brush. This removes any build-up of oil, grease and dirt. Then the engine bay is rinsed and dried using warm filtered air. Finally, all plastics and rubber hoses are dressed to leave a nice new satin finish.

This service is included within our Diamond Valet Service as well as our Diamond Detail.

This is not a standalone service but can be added to any Full Exterior, Full Valet or Enhancement or Correction packages