Interior Protection

From: £30.00


Although we specialise in paint enhancement and  paint correction, we also understand that the interior of cars often get dirty from general use, even more so with children and dogs. Our Interior protection package is great if you want to keep the interior of your car looking its best, without unsightly stains or smells. We will fully vacuum and shampoo the whole interior with an anti-bacterial cleaner. For leather seats, we use a dedicated leather cleaner. With a leather brush, we gently remove the stubborn dirt and grim without damaging the leather.

Once the whole interior is clean and dry, we will then protect your fabric seats with Gtechniq I1. This leaves the finish and texture unchanged, but with a safe barrier from water-based stains. Leather seats are protected with Gtechniq L1 to give a matte finish, while protecting against dye transfer on lighter leathers and reducing the effect of wear and tear on the bolsters.

Estimated Price
2 Seats: £30
5 Seats: £75
7 Seats: £100
Mats: £30