Exterior Valet



The Exterior Valet is ideal for clients that don’t have time to look after their car or wishes to have the exterior paintwork protected. We will start be giving your car a safe wash, using 2 buckets which reduces the chance of further damage. After the safe wash, we safely remove any tar spots from the paint before applying a hand polish. A hand polish will fill in any fine scratches or wash marring to restore the gloss of the paint.

If you are looking to permanently remove fine scratches and wash marring, as well as enhancing the gloss and clarity, then check out our Gloss Enhancement or Paint correction services.

The Exterior Valet Includes:

Wheels and Arches Cleansing
  • All wheels sprayed with dedicated wheel cleaner
  • Wheels agitated with a several different types of wheel brushes, which will safely remove brake dust without scratching the wheel
  • Wheel arches sprayed with an all purpose cleaner and left to break down dirt build up, then agitated if needed
  • Thorough rinse using a pressure washer
Paintwork Cleansing
  • pH neutral pre wash sprayed into door and boot shuts and hard to reach areas, then agitated with a detailing brush
  • Whole body sprayed generously with pre wash to break down the build up of road dust and dirt
  • Pre wash power washed off
  • Safe washed using a two bucket method, pH neutral shampoo as well as high quality mitts
  • Detailed rinse to remove all shampoo and remaining dirt
    Hand dried using a soft microfiber drying towel
Decontamination and Protection
  • Bonded on tar spots removed
  • Exterior plastic trims dressed and protected
  • Hand polish applied to restore and protect the paintwork, as well as enhance the shine
  • Tyres dressed to glossy or matt finish
  • Exterior glass cleared of dust, watermarks and hard to remove bugs, while leaving a hydrophobic layer


Estimated Price
Small: £60
Medium: £70
Large: £80