Gloss Paint Enhancement

From: £350.00


Our gloss enhancement is our entry level detailing package. This is ideal for someone that likes to maintain their car themselves throughout the year. However, inevitably gets some wash marring. This service is also perfect for someone looking to sell their car and get the most value for it as it enhances the gloss and adds depth and clarity. Within the Gloss Enhancement service we use a one pad and polish combination with a light machine polish. We aim to permanently remove around 50% of surface defects such as wash marring, previous machine holograms, and bird etching.

Once we have completed the whole car, we then do a final wipe down with panel wipe. This remove any oils or polish, leaving the true finish of the paint. The car is then waxed using a luxurious, durable wax, giving up to 6months protection. Alternatively we can apply Gtechniq protection from 18months to 7year with Ceramic Coating.

However, if you are interested in a more intense service then you should check out our Minor or Major paint correction services.

Gloss Paint Enhancement requires 2 days for completion.
Estimated Price
Small: £350
Medium: £400
Large: £450