Maintenance Valet

From: £45.00


This service is perfect for returning clients which has busier lifestyles or customers who do not have time to maintain their vehicle. To be eligible for this maintenance valet service, a client would have needed to have received at least a Full Valet or Diamond Valet service within the last 3months. This is to ensure the interior is clean while the exterior paintwork has protection. Thus allowing us to use our maintenance valet service to keep your car looking its best. This valet will leave both the interior and exterior clean and smelling fresh. We recommend a maintenance valet service every 4-6 weeks. At the present time, this service can be carried out either at out detailing studio in Glenrothes, as well as a mobile service through out Fife.


Wheels and Arches Cleansing
  • All wheels sprayed with dedicated wheel cleaner.
  • Wheels safely agitated with a several different types of wheel brushes, as a result, removing brake dust without scratching the wheel.
  • Wheel arches sprayed with an all purpose cleaner and left to break down dirt build up, agitated if needed.
  • Thorough rinse using a pressure washer.

Paintwork Cleansing
  • pH neutral Pre wash sprayed into door and boot shuts and hard to reach areas, agitated with a detailing brush.
  • Whole body sprayed generously with Pre wash to break down the build up of road dust and dirt.
  • Pre wash power washed off.
  • Safe washed using a two bucket method, pH neutral shampoo and high quality mitts.
  • Hand dried using a soft microfiber drying towel.
  • Exterior glass cleared of watermarks and hard to remove bugs, while leaving a streak free finish.
  • Interior glass cleaned of dust and finger prints.
  • Interior carpets, seats and mats thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Interior surfaces thoroughly vacuumed (boot if empty).
  • Dashboard and plastics wiped down to remove any dust and finger prints.
  • Air freshener added to leave the car smelling as good as it looks.

Estimated Price
Small: £45
Medium: £55
Large: £65