Interior Valet


The Interior Valet is for cars that have had the interior neglected, spillages or lots of dirt. This valet will bring the interior back to looking, smelling and feeling new. A real must for any customer that likes to keep on top of their exterior but doesnt have the time or knowledge to take care of the delicate interior.



  • Interior glass cleaned of dust and finger prints


  • Rubbish removed or placed in a bag for customer to keep
  • Interior carpets, seats and mats thoroughly vacuumed
  • Interior surfaces thoroughly vacuumed (boot if empty)
  • Interior carpets, seats and floor mats fully shampooed using a specialist interior shampoo
  • Leather cleaned using specialist leather cleaner, then leather balm to protect and nourish the leather
  • Boot shampooed if empty
  • Dashboard and plastics washed with a delicate interior sponge
  • Dashboard and plastics dressed to leave an antistatic layer to reduce the build up of future dust
  • Air freshener added to leave the car smelling as good as it looks
  • Floor mats provided